Personal Injury

Have you been in an accident? Let us take care of YOU!

Your attorney is your legal expert…WE are your injury expert

Automobile accidents are not only painful they are stressful. And even if you are not experiencing pain it doesn't mean you haven't received an injury. We specialize in detecting and correcting the misalignments caused by trauma. Misalignments choke spinal nerves and can cause spinal damage. They can also lead to herniation, headaches, insomnia, carpal-tunnel syndrome and many other aggravating symptoms. Without proper treatment, injuries will heal but will do so incorrectly and you could be left with recurring residual symptoms and prone to re-injury.

Chiropractic adjustments help restore joint function and maintain mobility during the healing process. Adjustments align the spine over time, which can reestablish communication between the brain and organs resulting in improved function, better health and allow your body to perform to the best of its ability.

We have experience in working with personal injury cases and in the proper documentation of care. Begin the recovery process today by calling us to schedule your initial exam which includes a full patient history, a consultation, an exam, scans, x-rays and a report of findings. We will discuss the best treatment options to care for your injuries and establish your personalized healthcare plan so we can work together in achieving optimal health and function.