Health Is Already Inside of You

Health Is Already Inside of You...You Just Have To Know Where To Look!

What Heals?

What is the difference between a living body and a dead one? Can a dead body heal itself of a wound or a disease? If not, why?

What heals a foot with gangrene? What heals a newborn baby dying from undiagnosed causes? What heals fractures, cuts, boils and tuberculosis?

It is the very thing that is missing in death. LIFE heals. LIFE, the nerve supply, as it flows from the brain to the body, conducts, coordinates and supervises all bodily functions. Indeed, LIFE is the only healer known!

Chiropractic neither treats sympotoms nor cures problems for a patient. Chiropractic locates and corrects spinal nerve interface, caused by SUBLUXATIONS, and lets the body do what it was designed to do...heal itself.

There is not a doctor of any sort who can heal or cure you...only the power of LIFE within your body can do that.

The Body

Our bodies are made up of trillions upon trillions of cells; each looks somewhat different and each function according to a plan.

The heart is made up of heart cells. The liver is made of millions of liver cells. Bones, muscles, lungs, kidneys and so on, being made of characteristic cells with each cell having a nerve supply.

When this body is being created, the first thing made is the brain and the spinal cord. Then, under the direction of the brain, all the other cells are created and placed, to eventually function as a complete human being. The same power or intelligence that put these cells together then makes them work and continues to control the cells and the body, until death does its part.

Life must flow 100% from the brain to the body through the spinal cord and spinal nerves. As life flows from the control center of the brain to the individual tissue cells of the body, the body and all of its organs and systems can function normally.

When the mental impulse from the brain to the tissue cell is abnormal, the cells get an abnormal message. When this happens, the cells begin to function abnormally and can no longer repair and replace themselves normally.

When the cells can't function at 100% due to loss of LIFE, they become sick. As more cells become involved, the greater the sickness. Eventually, the entire body may become so reduced in LIFE that it passes from sickness and disease to death.

What Happens?

If spinal bones are normal and in proper position, there will be no interruption of nerve transmission. If there is a SUBLUXATION, a spinal bone out of alignment with the bones above and below, it causes nerve interference. Over a period of time, if uncorrected, the nerve degenerates or gets smaller. The nerve and the surrounding area begin to die along with the other areas of the body that the nerve delivered LIFE to.

Just as a light bulb gives a bright light when the electricity to it is normal; observe what happens to the same bulb when the current is interfered with or reduced as with a "dimmer" switch. The bulb obviously gets dim. Now, try to picture a cell not getting its proper flow of nerve supply. It will get dim, weak and sick. The person with these sick cells may experience a variety of effects such as a sick stomach, chest pain, headache, visual problems, nervousness, a reduced immune response, tingling in the arms or legs, stiffness and so on. The Chiropractor must find the subluxation interfering with the flow of LIFE. Once found, the Chiropractor must correct it and allow the spine and nerve supply to become normal. The dim light becomes bright again. The sick cell gets stronger. LIFE flows into the cell and the body regains its functions including the re-creation of new cells as old or previously sick ones wear out. The result is a happy, healthy body.

Symptoms! What Are They?

When you set an alarm clock, its purpose is to let you know that it is time for something to happen. When we get symptoms such as headache, shoulder pain, chest pain or stomach trouble...these are warning signs or an alarm clock. Symptoms telling us that the body is in danger!

The common approach is to use pain pills, drugs, lotions and potions in an effort to cover up the symptoms. This approach allows us to be more comfortable while the body continues to malfunction, become diseased and begin to die. Covering up the symptom only allows the cause of the problem to progress and get worse. We must find the subluxations and correct the CAUSE rather than the effect, to allow the body to heal itself from the inside out.

We experience various symptoms as we experience various degrees of LIFE. Sickness is the absence of LIFE, to a degree. We all balance between 100% LIFE and 0% or death. When we get sick from decreased LIFE flow, we may experience chest pains. When LIFE flow is allowed to continue to decrease, a heart attack may result.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments allow your LIFE flow to increase. It is as simple as that.

The Germ Theory

When man experiences 100% LIFE flow, from the brain to tissue cell, the nervous system is keeping the immune system functioning at peak efficiency. You see, it is not just the germ in the disease process, but your resistance to the germ itself!

Bacteria are actually man's friend and placed here for the purpose of acting as scavengers. If all bacteria were destroyed, as some suggest, we could not survive.

If bacteria CAUSED disease, we would all be dead by now. The air, food and water we take in are loaded with bacteria, but we aren't suffering from the many diseases they supposedly cause. There has to be a loss of nerve energy in the body to allow cells to become sick and die. Then, and only then, can the bacteria invade the cells. Bacteria act as scavengers to destroy and remove dead and dying tissue.

Otherwise the body would fill with debris and dead tissue cells. Picture a little bug going into the body, eating sick cells and getting fat. Along comes man in his feeble attempt to destroy bacteria, putting toxic drugs into the body to kill the bacteria. The bacteria die, only to attract more bacteria. Bacteria do not eat live tissue. If the LIFE or nerve energy to the tissue was normal, the tissue would go through its natural cycle and be restored and replaced, when appropriate, by the internal wisdom of the body.

How Does The Body Repair and Regenerate?

Did you know that in from minutes to weeks, the soft tissues of the body are replaced?

Over time, our entire body is replaced...even the bones, atoms and molecules. Therefore, it is very important that we have 100% nerve impulse from the control center of the brain to every tissue cell in the body. As our cells are being replaced, healthy new cells should replace healthy old cells, rather than sick new cells replacing old sick cells. THIS IS UP TO YOU!

We can have a good, healthy heart and replace it, over time, with a good healthy heart. Or you can replace the heart cells with less than 100% heart cells; that depends on you. If the heart is sick you can replace the sick heart cells with healthy cells by restoring the normal flow of nerve transmission or LIFE to the heart. To fill a bucket of sand using tweezers, one grain of sand at a time, might take days or weeks. But, we would eventually accumulate enough sand to fill the bucket.

When we have interference between the brain and, for instance, the heart; we accumulate, over time, enough sick cells to cause the heart to become diseased, malfunction and die. If, on the other hand, we would take the TIME to have the interruption of nerve transmission removed, the heart would eventually rebuild itself with healthy tissue. This would prevent heart disease and heart malfunction.

How much time would it take? As long as it takes for bones to heal, nerves to heal and for the affected body parts to properly repair and replace themselves.


When our children seem happy, we think that they are feeling good. When they appear to be sick, we give them a pill, powder, potion or lotion in the honest attempt to help them FEEL better. Hopefully, after awhile, they do FEEL better. But, they didn't get sick in the first place due to a lack of the pill, powder, potion or lotion that we gave them. As is often the case, when the cause of the sickness isn't addressed, they soon become sick once again. This process continues over a lifetime...feeling better but not really being better. You wouldn't expect to cure a toothache with a painkiller, you would only expect to FEEL better for a while. The responsible thing to do is to find and remove the interference causing their bodies to malfunction. If we then remove the interference, we allow their bodies to function normally, and become happy and strong from within. There should be a long line of children going in to the Chiropractor for a spinal check up in order to stay healthy rather than subjecting them to a lifetime of covering up the problem so they can just FEEL better.

What's Wrong With Just Feeling Better?

As we cover up symtoms to FEEL better without finding and fixing the CAUSE of the problem, we allow the problem to become chronic; you are not addressing your health...just the sickness. Most drugs are designed to produce the opposite effect than what appears to be your health problem. If you have pain, there are painkillers. If the stomach is working too slowly, give it something to speed it up. If the heart is beating too fast, take something to slow it down. Yet, in none of these cases does the health condition exist due to a lack of drugs. Suppose we have an electric motor that runs a pump that delivers water to a field of crops. If, somehow, the flow of electricity to the motor were reduced, the pump would reduce its output and the crops in the field would begin to die from lack of water. What should we do? Check the soil? Check the sun? Check the plants? Check the pipes? Check the motor? Or, should we check the CAUSE of the reduced electricity? Correct it and let the water be pumped to the field normally.

Chiropractic corrects the cause, not the symptom!

It has been said that drugs treat the disease that has the person, and Chiropractic treats the person that has the disease. What makes more sense to you?


If all people would understand what you now understand about Chiropractic, they would want a Chiropractic check-up and if needed, an adjustment. Not because they were sick, but because they want insurance that they would have the best possible chance of staying healthy.

When is life insurance collected? When we die. When do we collect health insurance? When we are sick. Let's collect Prevention Insurance each week by getting Chiropractic check-ups to help PREVENT the use of so-called health and life insurances.

What Causes Vertebral Subluxations?

Any physical, chemical, or emotional stress, which is greater than internal resistance, will cause subluxations.

Physical Stress

Physical stress can range from whiplash trauma to sitting at your desk day after day with your head turned to the same side. The action of birth can exert 40 to 60 pounds of pressure on the spine.

Chemical Stress

Chemical stress is anything from eating too much sugar and preservatives to breathing environmental pollutants, and or taking prescription drugs or any other drug for that matter. This upsets the body's chemistry, which disrupts the muscles tone and ligaments, resulting in subluxations.


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