• "I haven't had to split any wood for a while. Was I surprised last week when I had some larger chokecherry logs needing split. I could hit the log end in the same place each time! I have never been able to do that and all but mangled the wood apart. The only thing different is coming here for the last few months.

    Before coming to Gary Smith, tying my shoes had become very difficult and it's now a breeze. 9/7/14"
  • "I first met Dr. Smith in August of 2012 at the King County Fair. I had been suffering with pelvic and sciatic issues for the past 12 years that was brought on by my pregnancy with twins. I had been through several rounds of physical therapy, and I even went to a pain clinic for injections, which only gave me temporary relief. I also talked to a surgeon who said I was not a good candidate for surgery. No one seemed to be able to help me. I was skeptical about Chiropractic care, but I had no other options, so I decided to talk to Dr. Smith. He spent a lot of time with me explaining why I was in pain, which all made complete sense to me, so I decided to start treatment. I immediately felt better, and I continue to get better. Although I am not 100 percent pain-free, I feel I am on the road to getting there, thanks to Dr. Smith."
  • "After spending years in agonizing pain, I sought out Dr. Smith from the recommendation of a friend. I am SO thankful I did and only wish I would have found him sooner. DR. Smith is knowledgeable, caring, informative and has a true passion for treating his patients (who he treats like family). His staff is warm, friendly and very accommodating. I would recommend Active Life Chiropractic to anyone and everyone. Thank you!"
  • "Doc Rocks!"
  • "For as long as I can remember I would get a random stabbing pain in my heart. I saw many doctors, had countless x-rays and echoes...not one could explain my pain. I came to Doc with severe lower back pain. During my initial visit, I told him about my heart "condition" and he FINALLY gave me an answer! Turns out, my spine was pinching a nerve that led to my heart! Now my spine feels 100% better, and my random heart stabbings have stopped! So glad Doc and his team have become a part of my life and I am blessed to have them as friends!"
  • "Our Quality of Life has Improved" - My family became patients of Active Life Chiropractic in May of 2007, due to a car accident. We became so educated about Chiropractic care we knew this would be a life style for all of us! The difference Chiropractic care has made in our health is amazing!! And the money we have saved is a great bonus! My family rarely needs to see our medical doctor anymore - the sinus infections and earaches and many other ailments that we would have received care for, have almost vanished! The sports injuries that happen on a weekly basis are quick to heal due to Dr. Smith's detailed evaluations and extremity adjustments. I love that my family fights for the ice packs and does not run to the medicine cabinet anymore!"
  • "One of the best decisions I've made in life. To go Chiropractic!!"
  • "I truly appreciate what Dr. Smith has done for my spine. At times I could not stand up straight getting out of bed. "Locked up" is a good way to put it. Thank you for keeping me working. Thank you for my life being better. "Active Life" Chiropractic"
  • "I was referred TWICE by a friend who knew about my back trouble. I finally came in - crawling - after being told I absolutely needed surgery for my ruptured disc. Gary & Bev were so patient and really listened to me and my history. We began care right away. I was walking again in a few short weeks! I most appreciate what a great educator Gary is. He wants his patients to understand their condition and the treatment. No question is a bad question - in fact, he always says "good question..." Active Life Chiropractic gave me my precious life back!"
  • "No more migraines!"

I'm a Retired Staff Sergeant of the Army and I have a long list of medical problems to say the least. My wife first came to see Dr. Smith on Halloween. Since then Dr. Smith has steadily improved her quality of life. I myself didn't start with Dr. Smith until mid January of this year (2012). After the initial exam it was determined that I fell into that grey area where a lot of Chiropractors wouldn't take a chance on me due to severe trauma my neck had incurred while on Active Duty...But Dr. Smith was just so passionate about my case and how he could give me the quality of life I've been missing. My best experience with Dr. Smith was just the other day. I came in the office unable to walk without screaming. Dr. Smith was able to give me an adjustment focusing on my hip area and later that night I was up and around as if nothing were wrong in the first place. I have never dealt with a doctor of any kind that is so genuinely passionate about his craft and the patients he takes on. All I have left to say is "Thank you Dr. Smith, you're the best!

AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CARE!! I met Dr. Smith and staff after being in an automobile accident. They handled everything so efficiently, that I was able to focus on my recovery and not the medical bills. Dr. Smith is an incredible DC! His main focus is the treatment of "subluxations". I have never heard of this term before. It's important that you as a patient do not lose sight of the big picture, and although depending on your needs, treatment might seem intense at first, it is only a stepping stone to total health. Dr. Smith and his staff were very willing to answer any questions that I proposed. It helped me to understand and really THINK about how my body functions and why. Without the energy from the brain to the organs…nothing works properly. I GET IT!! That was almost 2 years ago and now my whole family makes Chiropractic care a priority! Our health as a family has greatly improved, my children are more aware of their bodies and their responsibility for their health. Active Life Chiropractic has been a good fit for us. I highly recommend Active Life Chiropractic to anyone who will listen. They made my personal injury claim a breeze and their flexible family packages made it affordable for the whole family!